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CCPN Global

CCPN Global, a global academic society for advancing the study of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective, was launched in March 2013. It was formerly known as CCPN at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). It was integrated largely into www.ccpn-global.org, a non-profit organization for promoting a new and innovative view of ‘China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective’ via its bilingual global network (CCPN) backed up by a peer-reviewed biannual academic journal (JCCP), and China4Global (www.china4global.com), a small social enterprise with a mission for promoting its innovative idea of ‘globalization of knowledge from a Chinese perspective’.  CCPN Global (www.ccpn-global.com) produces both global public good and global public goods.

CCPN Global inherited CCPN’s resources including more than 100 China experts and nearly 1,000 members worldwide. We are now engaging people directly to work on either CCPN Global’s own projects or on collaborative projects globally.

CCPN Global’s flagship of social science comparative research is the interdisciplinary Journal on China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), the only peer-reviewed open access bilingual journal on social scientific studies of China in the world published biannually in both print (ISSN 2040-0845) and online (ISSN 2040-0837) versions. It will continue to serve scholars of China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective worldwide. CCPN Global’s website is being used as a public platform. The sections ‘Publications’, ‘Academic events’ and ‘Research Projects’ each consist of two parts: work from CCPN Global and work done elsewhere. The external links can also be found in the ‘Resources’ section under Workplace. The website is being updated from time to time.

CCPN Global encourages inter-disciplinary,  inter-institutional, trans-national, and comparative approaches, and facilitates collaborative studies on China in its Asian and global contexts. It also carries out activities such as knowledge transfer andpublic engagement through China4Global and two blogs: www.blogs.ccpn-global.org and www.blogs.china4global.com for both social value and commercial revenue. It is hoped that, in time, the latter could subsidise the former.

CCPN Global aims to become a world-class focus for research on issues or themes relating to China and the Chinese from a comparative perspective. We are multi-disciplinary and anticipate linking and pooling the expertise of all experts on China seeking comparative and inter-disciplinary approaches to China and Chinese-related topics and issues.

Due to limited resources the CCPN Global will mainly carry out its on-going projects, whereas its website will also contain some previous work with minimum maintenance (apologies for any broken hyperlinks which  will be updated over the next few months).


CCPN (China in Comparative Perspective Network) was created and developed by scholars at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2004. CCPN’s website was launched in 2008, to promote the MSc China in Comparative Perspective Programme, to encourage inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches and to facilitate collaborative social scientific studies on China in its Asian and global contexts.

CCPN carried on the traditions of LSE’s China related studies since 1920s and the China Research Unit of City University (1973-98), the first social scientific studies on China in the UK, founded by Professor Stephan Feuchtwang. At the early stage CCPN’s work combined elements of both China studies and China in Comparative Perspective. It has been engaging closely with China related studies at SOAS, University of London.

In recent years after it moved away from ‘China studies’ (focusing on China only) CCPN developed rapidly and was made independent of LSE. CCPN Global wishes to pay its respects and express its gratitude to LSE for fostering and hosting CCPN for the past 10 years. CCPN Global will continue to provide a service for the international intellectual community, including LSE staff and students.

Historic and ongoing projects and activities

CCPN Global concentrates on topics comparing China with other countries and regions within its Asian and global contexts in a historical and contemporary matrix, and to compare Chinese people or their thoughts methodologically and theoretically within the wider context of human knowledge.

The list below shows the historic and ongoing projects and activities related to CCPN global: