Book reviews, Vol.1 Issue 1, 2015

Book reviews, Vol.1 Issue 1, 2015


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Book reviews

YU HuaAllen Chun

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Book reviews

Ritual and Deference: Extending Chinese Philosophy in a Comparative Context. Robert C. Neville. New York: State University of New York Press, 2008. 202 pp. £46.50 (cloth). / Reviewed by YU Hua

The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange Between China and Europe. Nicolas Standaert. Seattle & London: University of Washington Press, 2008. 328pp. / Reviewed by YU Hua

YU Hua is 余华 is a lecturer in linguistic ethnography at Shanghai International Studies University. Her previous study was an anthropological investigation of ritual heritage in a Miao village in West Hunan, China. Her current research involves critical heritage studies, contemporary practice of ritual from the perspective of ancient ritual writings, ethnography and language policy, and educational activities in a migrants’ community in urban China.

The Globalization of Chinese Food. Edited by David Y.H. Wu and Sidney C.H. Cheung. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawaii Press, 2002. 216pp. / Reviewed by Allen Chun

Allen Chun 陈奕麟 is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. His thematic interests cover the fields of socio-cultural theory, historical anthropology, cultural sociology of the state as well as colonial and post-colonial societies. He has carried out research in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and published broadly. He is the author of Unstructuring Chinese Society: The Fictions of Colonial Practice and the Changing Realities of ‘Land’ in the New Territories of Hong Kong (Harwood Academic Press, 2000) and articles in numerous journals.

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