General Preface of the Transcultural experiences with ‘three eyes’ series

General Preface of the Transcultural experiences with ‘three eyes’ series

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Book title: Battling the Virus: Witnessing China Combating COVID-19
Series name: Transcultural experiences with ‘three eyes’ series Vol. 5
Series Editors: Lixing Chen and Xiangqun Chang
Editor: LIU Li
Language: English and Chinese
Numbers of page: 220
Colour: Colour
Publisher: London: Global Century Press; Nanchang: Jiangxi Education Publishing House
Publishing date: 2020
Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-1-910334-91-1 (English paperback); ISBN 978-1-910334-90-4 (Chinese paperback)
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A person has two eyes, but both Western and Eastern mysticism talk about a ‘third eye’, which in common usage means looking at a problem from another point of view or perspective. Among the popular political commentary works in China, there is a book, The Third Eye Looks at China (1993), by WANG Shan, under a German pseudonym “Luoyninger” (洛伊宁格尔). In Westen academia, the book The Third Way and its Critics (1998), by renowned social theorist Lord Anthony Giddens (and translated into 25 languages), provided a new and unprecedented perspective on important international political debates, and attracted the attention of political leaders from the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. In essence, this is the work of Lord Giddens’s ‘third eye’.
However, from a methodological point of view, the ‘third eye’ is not simply a physical addition to a person’s two eyes. The idea of the ‘three eyes’ that we propose is a popular metaphor describing a type of methodology. The expression originates from the ‘three-eyed’ deity Horse God (Ma shen 马神) in Chinese folk culture, commonly referred to as Mawang ye (马王爷), whose full name is Enlightened Ruler of the Grass Horses and full title is Clever Horse Marshal; he is also known as Three-eyed Brightness and Three-eyed Sunshine. He is a Taoist divinity, one of the immortal beings of Chinese folk religion. Thus, the ‘three eyes’ methodology entails looking at a problem using three main perspectives at the same time, which to a Chinese person means applying the perspective of the Chinese, of the non-Chinese and of professionals.
Within a single person, the three cultures can coexist, and can also be transformed into a different new type of culture, namely ‘transcultural generativity’ or ‘transculturality’. This kind of transcultural phenomenon can exist in an individual or in groups. The term ‘transculturality’ has been translated as chaowenhua 转文化 in Chinese, an unfamiliar word to most Chinese readers. Based on my understanding, the notions of ‘cross-culturality’, ‘inter-culturality’ and ‘intra-culturality’ should be translated as kuawenhua 跨文化, jiwenhua 际文化 and neiwenhua 内文化, respectively, which will be the subject of a forthcoming article. Culture does not know borders, and different cultures mutually influence one another……

by Jixing Chen and Xiangqun Chang

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About the editor 
Professor Liu Li is President of Beijing Language and Culture University and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Language Education Foundation. He specializes in the teaching and research of ancient Chinese, Chinese grammar and history of Chinese grammar and vocabulary. He is the author of the following books: Selected Notes of Mozi (2008), Zuo Zhuan Annotation (2007), Revised Edition of Tang Articles (2002), Research on Pre-Qin Chinese Auxiliary Verbs (2000), General Principles of Chinese Grammar (1999), Answers to Phonology (1998), Understanding Texts and Words (1991), and over 50 journal articles.

About the book series
This is the fifth book in the Transcultural Experiences with ‘Three Eyes’ book series, edited jointly by Lixing Chen, Professor of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University, and former President of Japan-China Sociological Society, Japan and Xiangqun Chang, President of Global China Academy and Honorary Professor of University College London, UK. It is published by Global Century Press from 2017.

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This book is published jointly by Global Century Press (GCP) and Jiangxi Education Publishing House (JXEPH). GCP is a UK-based publisher dedicated to publishing social scientific and humanities academic and popular books bilingually in a global context. Founded in 1985, JXEPH is one of China’s leading education publishing houses. JXEPH is familiar to millions through a diverse publishing program that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, school and college textbooks, workbooks, materials for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, dictionaries and reference books, literary works, children’s books and periodicals.

This book is edited by Professor LIU Li and written by 20 non-Chinese friends in China.


General Preface by Lixing Chen and Xiangqun Chang
Chapter 1 COVID-19 outbreak in my eyes
1.1 Blessings from Ambassadors to China
1.2 Fighting Epidemic, Against the Common Enemy of All Mankind by Leela Mani Paudyal (Nepal)
1.3 China’s Super high Speed of Building the Huoshenshan Hospital by Jawad Ahmed (Pakistan)
Chapter 2 Letters on Epidemic  
2.1 The Sun Always Shines After the Rain by Ennis (Tunisia)
2.2 This is Also My Fight by Felicia Nina Gherman (Romania)
2.3 Call for Conscience by Patric Sadi (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
2.4 I’m Fine in Wuhan by Edward Gawne (UK)
2.5 Let Me Record This Disaster by Mark Levine (USA)
2.6 A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed by WU Baoqiang (Cambodia)
2.7 Moving Ahead Together, No Matter Rain or Shine by Bushra Naz (Pakistan)
2.8 China, I’m with You by Malone (Afghanistan)
2.9 Becoming Part of China’s Fight Against the Epidemic by Zihan Zhang (Italy)
Chapter 3 True friendship in the time of epidemic 
3.1 My Application for Fighting the COVID-19 in China by Glele Aho Letonhan R.G (The Republic of Benin)
3.2 Viruses Can Never Keep Away Love by Mohadeseh Barzegar Bafrouei (Iran)
3.3 Let’s Tell the World What We Experienced by WANG Xiao (Egypt)
3.4 Be an Anti-epidemic Volunteer By Muhammad Sultan Irshad (Pakistan)
3.5 Combating COVID-19: My Own Story By Camilo Restrepo (Colombia)
3.6 Don’t Believe Rumours! By Muhammad Hassan (Sudan)
3.7 Fighting Against Virus in Love City by Sriyani (Sri Lanka)
3.8 Stay Strong, Wuhan! By Kiran Gautam (Nepal)
3.9 China’s Spirit in Fighting Against COVID-19 by Ehizuelen Michael Mitchell Omoruyi (South African)
3.10 Victory Must Be Yours by Ekaterina Kryukova (Russia)
Dual language additions from Global Century Press
1 About the book
1.1 Abstract and the author
1.2 Table of contents
1.3 About the book series and other books in this series
2 More from Global Century Press
2.1 GCP style rules for rendering Chinese-English dual languages
2.2 GCP style rules for Chinese names
2.3 Examples of other book series
2.4 Journals and periodicals